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Gender Equalizer, High-Res Logo?, McDirections, FaceBot Chat?

CO-OP, Weekly Digest

Written by on March 13, 2018

A weekly digest of new and noteworthy industry happenings.  Or just cool stuff we like. Brought to you by CO-OP.

Spotify hit the right note with this year’s International Women’s Day initiative. The music streaming service teamed up with Smirnoff to create the ‘Smirnoff Equalizer.” After linking their Spotify account with the app, users can then find out how much of their streamed music is created by women. The ‘Equalizer’ component of the app then lets users choose to be notified about more female created music and content. It may be a long road ahead in equalizing the amount of female-created vs. male-created music, but Spotify is at least doing their part to raise the volume on female voices.

The debate over the legalization of marijuana in Canada has a been a long back and forth battle, somewhat foretelling of the debate surrounding the Ontario Cannabis Store’s new brand and logo design. Yay or nay? The logo is simple and sleek, consisting of 3 letters, foregoing any creative liberties or risks. Many creatives from the advertising and design world sounded off on social media bashing the simplistic design and lack of creativity, while also citing their own credentials and portfolio as their ethos. However, what many people are forgetting is that this logo (and the brand it represents) is not meant to be a creative masterpiece that ignites emotion, or resonates some deeper meaning. The logo and accompanied branding are more for PR purposes – a representation of the government and its delve into the recreational cannabis market, as not only a player, but the ominous and neutral governing body. So like that stance in the market, their logo and branding should reflect as much – neutrality.


Have you ever been driving down the freeway, consumed by one thought, where is the closest McDonald’s? McDonald’s has launched creative to quell that worry with their new, ‘Follow the Arches’ campaign. The campaign works by clipping the McDonald’s iconic golden arches logo into directional pieces that point to the nearest McDonald’s. What’s more, is the campaign’s minimalistic approach: red, yellow, one line of copy. Even though it goes without saying that McDonald’s is one of the world’s most recognizable brands, this campaign says it anyways. To iterate, “our brand is so recognizable, we don’t need to put our logo, or our name on an ad, we just need our signature colour scheme, and maybe one piece of our logo.”

The wide use of ‘ChatBots’ is growing wider and wider as companies and brands continue to learn more about the benefits of their application. Starting with Customer Service, and Ad Campaign Integration, and now adding functions such as Shopping Assistance, Landing Page Customization and Lead Generation to their repertoire, Abacus (a Facebook dependent agency) has launched a new service to help companies through every step of ChatBot development. It will be interesting to see how much these ChatBots develop and how much they begin to offer.

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