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Siri-ously used technology, Clean sweep at the Superbowl, Unilever we’d love your PR, & McMorris shreds Social Media.

CO-OP, Weekly Digest

Written by on February 15, 2018

A weekly digest of new and noteworthy industry happenings.  Or just cool stuff we like. Brought to you by CO-OP.

Media Technology Monitor (MTM) asked 4,000 Canadians what devices they could not live without and unsurprisingly, the majority said their cell phones. Cell phones were second behind internet access at home, followed by computers, TV and subscription services.
Subscription services are becoming increasingly important to Canadians, (54% now subscribe to at least one service) and 4 out of 10 Canadians said they have used some sort of voice assistant in the past year, however; most of those polled said they are not opting for the newer products such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

This is a great study that can help agencies better identify what platforms to focus on based on their clients’ demographics and the reported numbers.

This is a great example of a company leveraging a Brand Ambassador’s social media following, and a great way to gain new Avion customers as well.

Has fake news and an increasingly more accessible digital world broken the online community? Unilever, one of the world’s largest advertisers, has threatened to pull all their online ads from Facebook & Google, unhappy with the current online climate. Unilever likens the current transparency online to “little better than a swamp…” with rapid growth of “objectionable content on social media”.
With a marketing budget that includes roughly $2.45B in digital ads, Unilever is stepping out in front for the fight against the internet being used as an open forum of unaccredited content that they feel creates an unsafe place for their target audiences and affects a brand’s message.

It will be interesting to see how this play by Unilever will affect the digital advertising landscape, as well as, even lesser (in size) brands follow suit. Will this prove to be a catalyst of something greater as the first domino falls? Either way, it is a huge PR play.


This is a weekly diges – “It’s a Tide ad,” (queue a David Harbour interjection.)

As one of the most viewed events on the planet, the Super Bowl presents itself as the world’s biggest stage, but not just for the players, for ad spots and their respective brands as well. With this year’s cost of $5.2M for a 30-second spot, it goes without saying that every brand puts their best foot forward, to not only prove to be the most memorable, but disrupt the effectiveness of every other ad that is aired. It can be said that no other brand has done this as effectively as Tide did during last week’s Super Bowl LII. The ad took several short clips set in the narrative of clichéd ad spots (luxury car drives down a scenic road, or millennial friends enjoying a drink), and interrupted each with the tagline, “It’s a Tide ad.” The brilliance of this ad was not just in the laughs that came during, but the conversations that followed after – people are still talking about it.

That’s what should be taken away from this ad’s success, its ability to disrupt and differentiate itself from all other ads, the goal of every ad spot, not just to make them remember your ad, but to make them forget everyone else’s.

With the start of the Olympics last week, companies have been partnering up with athletes to create relevant and interactive social media campaigns. RBC Avion has signed a two-year contract with Canadian snowboarder Mark McMorris and their Olympic Campaign is hoping to leverage the athlete’s large social media following to tell a story of why Avioners love to travel. Three 45 second videos were created showing McMorris travelling to different destinations and telling a story about why he loves to travel. McMorris calls for people to share how they “feed their need” to travel by using the hashtag #Avioning on social media.

This is a great example of a company leveraging a Brand Ambassador’s social media following, and a great way to gain new Avion customers as well.

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